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Eduverse’s TOEFL Diagnostic test allows you to know your language skills


Our quick internet based level test is intended to assist you with picking the right Eduverse

TOEFL course as per your ongoing degree of English.


We have simplified the TOEFL test into a quick diagnostic test to swiftly assess your TOEFL score ability as on date.


Toward the finish of the test you will get a score which relates with a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages going from A2 (Beginner) to C2 (Advanced).


Achieving target score in TOEFL is a goal for every test taker who aspires to work study or migrate abroad.


In the event that you are planning for the TOEFL test, we might want to offer you a waiver of 10% on Eduverse’s TOEFL readiness courses that we suggest for TOEFL aspirants.


To guarantee your discount, click on the preferred course underneath to join and enter the coupon code at the lower part of the installment page.


OET Grade B or more



Eduverse TOEFL Preparation Course ensures that you achieve the target score


At Eduverse we have faith in improving on your TOEFL prep. Our Expert Trainer Team is really dedicated to convey Eduverse’s trademark improved on Thought- building and critical thinking strategies consistently. Our TOEFL In-class and Online Preparation program has helped a great many candidates to achieve their study abroad dream and get admission to their preferred colleges and universities. It is the ideal Coaching institute for that suits working professionals as well as students. With the updated official Training protocol you can achieve your target score effortlessly.


Why Choose Eduverse?


Highlights of Eduverse’s TOEFL Coaching


  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty
  • Comprehensive Course Material
  • Flexible Class Scheduling
  • Unlimited access to language Lab
  • System Based Timed TOEFL Model Tests
  • Individual Attention to Each Student
  • TOEFL: Grammar Training for candidates
  • Professional Assistance in TOEFL Exam Registration
  • Short listing of Universities before appearing for the test Enjoy shared learning and fun group activities
  • Have Queries? Converse with our Career Counselor for more Guidance on picking the correct Career for you!

Learning Outcomes of Eduverse’s TOEFL Coaching:


  • Gain the fundamental knowledge of the principles of Language skills
  • Discover a wide range of approaches and methods to crack TOEFL Tasks
  • Develop the practical skills to approach independent and integrated TOEFL Tasks
  • Explore the four linguistic components in its fundamental approach.
  • Achieve your target score
  • Learn effective methods for adapting the 4 language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Understand the basics of TOEFL TEST and get access to skillfully crafted TOEFL lesson plans
  • Get expert career guidance and understand your job opportunities & requirements you’re your higher studies and your career plans.


Eduverse TOEFL Conventional Course list


  1. TOEFL Listening
  2. TOEFL Reading
  3. TOEFL Writing
  4. TOEFL Speaking
  5. TOEFL Listening & Reading
  6. TOEFL Writing & Speaking
  7. TOEFL Premium Course (4 Modules)
  8. TOEFL Model Tests
  9. TOEFL Essay Evaluations
  10. TOEFL Speaking mocks evaluation


Eduverse TOEFL Quix Course list


Eduverse TOEFL Integrated Writing Task QUIX pick one at RS 99/-


  1. TOEFL Vocabulary
  2. TOEFL Grammar
  3. Brainstorming Ideas for Essay
  4. Correlating reading, Listening and Writing
  5. Taking Notes before writing
  6. Planning the layout of the essay

Eduverse TOEFL Independent Writing TASK QUIX pick one at RS 99/-


  1. The 5 Types of Task 2 Essay
  2. Understanding Task 2 Questions
  3. How to Plan a Task 2 Essay
  4. Task 2 Marking Criteria
  5. How to Write Task 2 Introductions
  6. Task 2 Main Body Paragraphs
  7. How to Write a Task 2 Conclusion
  8. Opinion Essays
  9. Discussion Essays
  10. Problem Solution Essays
  11. Advantages & Disadvantages Essays
  12. Double Question Essays


Eduverse TOEFL Independent Speaking QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. Agree/Disagree
  2. Paired Choice
  3. Good Idea
  4. Campus Announcement
  5. General to Specific
  6. Academic Lecture
  7. Complete templates for each TOEFL speaking task.
  8. Understanding the Speaking Rubrics and Speech Rater.
  9. Speaking Samples


Eduverse TOEFL Independent Speaking QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-

1.      TOEFL Reading – An Introduction

  1. A description of every possible TOEFL reading question type, with samples
  2. A complete practice article with questions
  3. Time Management tips for the reading section
  4. Suggestions for academic reading practice
  5. What reading topics appear most frequently on the TOEFL
  6. How to convert between raw and scaled TOEFL reading scores
  7. An explanation of instant TOEFL reading scores


Eduverse TOEFL Independent Listening QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-



  1. Structure of TOEFL Listening Lecture & Conversation
  2. Question Types in TOEFL Listening Section
  3. Gist-content and Gist-purpose
  4. Detail
  5. Function
  6. Attitude
  7. Organization
  8. Connecting Content
  9. Inference
  10. Tips & Strategies for Mastering the TOEFL Listening Section




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