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Eduverse International Overseas Education

Eduverse International is successful overseas education consultancy and a masterly high stake English Test preparation Institute. We assist student who prefer studying abroad in native English countries like Canada, the UK and the US.


All our career consultations are free, and we attempt to make your process of applying to the universities abroad as smooth as could be expected. Step in to any of our workplaces in Madurai or fill in the enquiry form to book a free appointment. Upon the arrival for your Education counseling session, bring your list of preferred course as a beginning of the process. Your Eduverse Career Counselor will examine your profile and discuss with you in detail, your schooling foundation, your intention of studying abroad and financial plans to assist with determining your conceivable outcomes in expected Universities.


How to reach Eduverse Career counselors?


You may either call us on +91 99949 08223 or step in to our closest Eduverse office in Madurai. You may likewise book an appointment with the Expert counselors online.


Our service doesn’t end with your University offer letter. We will be there to help you even after you arrive at your new country. Come, meet us and get to know your possibilities – It’s free!

Feasibilities of Abroad Education

Reasons by student for not studying abroad

It’s too much work to apply

  • Too many competitive exams to take
  • My family doesn’t want me to go
  • I’ll get home sick
  • I can’t afford it
  • I can always apply next year
  • It is not safe there

Why Study Abroad?

  • Campus Life
  • Job Opportunities
  • Attractive Compensation
  • Global exposure
  • Academic Excellence in all fields
  • Emphasis on practical learning
  • Cutting Edge Technology/Research

Eduverse international’s Overseas Education’s Services


  • Unbiased and informed counseling
    • We Verify your education documents thoroughly and bring out your academic features that appeals the admission grant team from your desired university
  • Internationally educated advisors
    • We have field specific expert counselors who would guide you with their international exposure
  • Guidance for application process
    • Our dynamic admission team works promptly in applying your profile that is fulfilling the university requirements
  • Guidance on SOP and Resume
    • Our team editors would support you to craft your University and course specific SOPs and Resumes that would satisfy the University requirements at its best.
  • Guidance on visa procedure
    • Our successful Visa experts work as the game changers in getting your visa approval for your smooth landing at your dream university abroad
  • Pre-departure/Post-arrival assistance
    • We extend our services to ensure that you are all set to take off and have a safe landing with necessary supportive measures to reach your University on our guidance.
  • Advanced systems & solutions
    • Our crew is well organized with its advanced tools and strategies to meet the international competence on the Global admission drive at every intake.

Choice of Countries




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What does it take to Study Abroad?

• Investment
• Determination
• Time
• Planning

Factors for Consideration

Field of Study

Narrowing down your academic interests and finding out your core competencies is really adventurous self quest. Come meet our expert Global career counselors who would unveil your hidden potential by evaluating your academic metrics and enhancing your career goal setting. When you are aspiring for Global exposure in your preferred field then reach us today.

Career Goals

Our thorough examination of your academic merits across your prospective interests would reveal your career graph may develop in that path 

Practical Experience

Our Admission team works closely with every candidate with their unique preferences to match their field and their possibilities to reach that

Financial Assistance

We extend financial planning for your study and also we guide with the finance experts and how you may reimburse your education loan with maximum benefits.


The budget involved in your overseas education also includes your cost of living abroad throughout your course duration. It needs to be well acknowledged while you are in the initial planning stage

Admissions Requirement

Get to know the university’s expectations on each and every applicant. Also, it differs from each university and every program as well.


Consider the amenities you would experience while undergoing your course abroad in your dream campus and also look out for part –time career opportunities that would serve your living expenses


This is so much of a concern for every family or the student himself/herself that cannot be omitted. Safety of lives abroad always stands as the first thing that weighs our dreams down

You can be your own Guiding star with our help