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Eduverse’s IELTS Diagnostic test allows you to know your language skills


Our short internet based level test is intended to assist you with picking the right Eduverse IELTS course as per your ongoing degree of English.


We have simplified the IELTS test into a quick diagnostic test to swiftly assess your IELTS score ability as on date.


Toward the finish of the test you will get a score which relates with a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages going from A2 (Beginner) to C2 (Advanced).


In the event that you are planning for the IELTS test, we might want to offer you a waiver of 10% on Eduverse’s IELTS readiness courses that we suggest for IELTS aspirants.


To guarantee your discount, click on the preferred course underneath to join and enter the coupon code at the lower part of the installment page.

IELTS 7 or more





International English Language Testing System is a universally approved test pointed toward assessing your degree of English. IELTS is overseen mutually by Cambridge ESOL and IDP Australia, and is typically taken by non-local speakers who intend to study, move or work abroad. IELTS includes Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing parts to productively survey all of your language abilities without a moment’s delay. You want to ensure you are good to go prior to endeavoring the test. Furthermore, that is where we come in! Eduverse International offers successful training programs that can prepare you for the test in the briefest time. Our devoted and experienced mentors will give you every one of the strategies important to breeze through IELTS with no problem at all. We have two branches in Tamil Nadu for your benefit (Madurai). Pursue your IELTS preparing and get the most noteworthy score!


How do Eduverse help you to score?   


  1. Regular, Weekend & Crash Courses
  2. One on One Sessions (ONLINE AND IN CLASS)
  3. Weekly Modal Test (All four Modules)
  4. Comprehensive Study Materials
  5. Section Wise repeated training
  6. 8+ years Experienced Faculty
  7. Convenient locations (Madurai)
  8. TESOL Certified Language Trainers
  9. Reasonable Fee
  10. Excellent Results

Affordable fees


At Eduverse, Course Fee is not only affordable, but you have the option to pay it in comfortable installments. Offering Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our service.


Flexible course schedule


At Eduverse, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? – Pick whatever suits you the Best.

How do Eduverse will help you to score?

  1. Regular, Weekend, Online & Crash Courses
  2. One on One Sessions(ONLINE AND IN CLASS)
  3. Weekly Model Test(All four Modules)
  4. Comprehensive Study Materials
  5. Section Wise repeated training
  6. 8+ years Experienced Faculty
  7. Convenient locations(Madurai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli and Salem)
  8. TESOL Certified Language Trainers
  9. Reasonable Fee
  10. Excellent Results


How Eduverse’s training will support you?

  1. Comprehensive approach to the Test and your language skills
  2. Linguistic Approach
  3. Test Taking Approach
  4. Initial Language Diagnostic test to assess your existing Language level
  5. Test- readiness training to enhance your test taking skills
  6. Track Record of your progress through our training
  7. Weekly Model Tests and assessments to reach the Target score
  8. Constructive feedbacks and revisions by the TESOL certified Trainers till you take the TOEFL test
  9. Official Test Preparation Material kit
  10. Additional supplementary Study materials and worksheets
  11. Language Exploration activities to strengthen your linguistic skills
  12. Speaking Practice sessions
  13. Writing Evaluation & Feedbacks

Eduverse prepares you to achieve your target score


Weekdays, Weekend and Fast track intense training

One on One Meetings (On the web AND IN CLASS)

Week by week Modular Test (Every one of the four Modules)

Preparation Materials

Thorough lessons on Test pattern

10+ years Experienced Tutors

International TESOL Qualified English Language Tutors

Affordable course fee

Assured results


Eduverse IELTS Conventional Course list


  1. IELTS Listening
  2. ILETS Reading
  3. IELTS Writing
  4. IELTS Speaking
  5. IELTS Listening & Reading
  6. IELTS Writing & Speaking
  7. IELTS Premium (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking)


Eduverse IELTS Quix Course list


Eduverse IELTS Academic Writing TASK 1 QUIX pick one at RS 99/-


  1. How to Write an Academic IELTS Task 1
  2. Graphs Over Time
  3. IELTS Pie Chart
  4. IELTS process diagram
  5. Two graphs together.
  6. IELTS Tables
  7. language of change
  8. Compare and contrast language
  9. Describing graphs in the future
  10. Tenses for graphs, processes, and maps
  11. Organizing a Line Graph



Eduverse IELTS General Writing TASK 1 QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. Opening & Closing a Letter
  2. Writing a Complaint Letter
  3. Tenses for IELTS Letters
  4. A Band 9 Letter
  5. Letter Format
  6. Letter Writing Tips
  7. Letter Structure
  8. Letter Planning
  9. Formal or Informal
  10. Letter Writing Vocabulary
  11. How To Write a Formal Letter
  12. How To Write an Informal Letter
  13. Letter Topics


Eduverse IELTS Writing TASK 2 QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. The 5 Types of Task 2 Essay
  2. Understanding Task 2 Questions
  3. How to Plan a Task 2 Essay
  4. Task 2 Marking Criteria
  5. How to Write Task 2 Introductions
  6. Task 2 Main Body Paragraphs
  7. How to Write a Task 2 Conclusion
  8. Opinion Essays
  9. Discussion Essays
  10. Problem Solution Essays
  11. Advantages & Disadvantages Essays
  12. Double Question Essays


Eduverse IELTS Speaking QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. IELTS Speaking Test The Format
  2. Speaking Part 1
  3. Speaking Part 2
  4. Part 2 Planning Strategy 1
  5. Part 2 Planning Strategy 2
  6. Part 2 Planning Strategy 3
  7. How To Begin Your Part 2 Talk
  8. Speaking Part 3
  9. IELTS Speaking Practice
  10. Speaking Topics
  11. Speaking Tips

Eduverse IELTS Reading QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. IELTS Reading Test
  2. IELTS Reading Skills
  3. Top 7 Reading Tips
  4. 9 Other Reading Tips
  5. IELTS Academic Reading Test
  6. IELTS General Reading Test
  7. IELTS Reading Practice
  8. Complete the test in 60 minutes
  9. Matching Headings
  10. Multiple Choice
  11. Short Answer
  12. Name Matching
  13. True/False/Not Given
  14. Yes/No/Not Given
  15. Summary Completion
  16. Matching Sentence Endings
  17. Sentence Completion
  18. Matching Paragraph Information
  19. Table Completion
  20. Diagram Labeling


Eduverse IELTS Listening QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. IELTS Listening Test
  2. Listening Strategies
  3. Listening Skills
  4. Listening Exercises
  5. Question Types
  6. Listening Tips
  7. How to Improve at Listening
  8. 4 Listening Practice Techniques
  9. Map & Plan Vocabulary
  10. Multiple Choice
  11. Matching
  12. Note Completion
  13. Form Completion
  14. Table Completion
  15. Sentence Completion
  16. Summary Completion
  17. Short Answer
  18. Map & Plan Labeling
  19. Diagrams & Flowcharts

Eduverse IELTS Vocabulary QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-

  1. What vocabulary to learn
  2. How to learn IELTS vocabulary
  3. Key types of vocabulary
  4. Practice activities
  5. Topic vocabulary lists
  6. Key IELTS Vocabulary
  7. How To Learn Vocabulary
  8. Academic Task 1 Essays Vocabulary
  9. Letter Writing Vocabulary
  10. 6 Types of Problem Vocabulary

Eduverse IELTS Grammar QUIX pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. Sentence clauses
  2. Sentence structure
  3. Complex sentences
  4. Adverbial Clauses
  5. Relative Clauses
  6. Noun Clauses
  7. Modal verbs
  8. Subject Verb Agreement
  9. Gerunds
  10. Infinitives
  11. Gerund or Infinitive?
  12. Parallel Structure
  13. Passive Voice






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