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Eduverse’s OET Diagnostic test allows you to know your language skills


Our quick internet based level test is intended to assist you with picking the right Eduverse OET course as per your ongoing degree of English.

We have simplified the OET test into a quick diagnostic test to swiftly assess your OET score ability as on date.

Toward the finish of the test you will get a score which relates with a Common European Framework of Reference for Languages going from A2 (Beginner) to C2 (Advanced).

Achieving 4Bs in OET is a goal for every Medical professional who aspires to work abroad

In the event that you are planning for the OET test, we might want to offer you a waiver of 10% on Eduverse’s OET readiness courses that we suggest for OET aspirants.

To guarantee your discount, click on the preferred course underneath to join and enter the coupon code at the lower part of the installment page.


OET Grade B or more



About the Occupational English Test


Occupational English Test: The English language test for medical care experts. OET has been grown explicitly for 12 medical care Professionals. Tests reflect genuine working environment assignments and applicable language abilities. OET is acknowledged in the UK, the US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. OET (Occupational English Test) is intended to meet the particular English language needs of the medical services area. It evaluates the language capability of medical care experts who wish to rehearse in an English-talking climate. Every one of the four language abilities are evaluated, with Composing and Talking tests accessible in 12 unique areas of medical care. All competitors sit similar Perusing and Listening tests.

Highlights of Eduverse International OET Training


  • Get prepared by Industry Experts through Classroom Training at any of the Eduverse International center point branches close to you. (Madurai)
  • Respected Doctors, Nurses and all the other medical professionals, are you busy with your duty schedules? Kick off your Medical professional dream by taking the OET Course Online!
  • Take-up Instructor-driven Live Online Training. Get the supplement study materials along with official OET test preparation guide by enrolling with us for the OET Training.
  • Why Wait? Kick off your Career by taking the OET Coaching at Eduverse International!
  • Enroll our OET preparation courses to achieve your target score at our Eduverse International, Madurai.
  • Have Queries? Converse with our Career Counselor for more Guidance on picking the correct Career for you!

Eduverse’s Trainer’s Expertise


  • Our OET Trainers have earned Official OET Teacher Badge
  • Our OET Trainers intensely prepares the OET Test takers with the correct mix of Pedagogical and functional information needed for the Specific skills that are tested in the OET Test.
  • OET Instructors at Eduverse trains the students with an officially updated curriculum.
  • Our OET Trainers at Triumph have a 8+years of Expertise in Training the students for the OET exams and make them clear it successfully.
  • Our Proficient OET Trainers at Eduverse are TESOL Certified, an international teaching qualification to teach High stakes English Tests at international standards and Teaching Methodology which is universally practiced.
  • Our OET Trainers trains the students efficiently on all the four test modules of the OET exam that includes exclusive One to One Speaking Practices and Comprehensive Writing feedbacks.
  • OET Trainers at Eduverse provide exemplary coaching by introducing innovative teaching techniques and conducting meaningful group discussions.
  • Our Eduverse Trainers provide the required individual attention to each student and rectify their pattern of errors and clarify their doubts.
  • Our Exclusive Test Administration Team conducts weekly Model Tests. It also issues Assessments gives a comprehensive report on your learning progress.
  • OET Academic Team also assists you in building your professional resume for the healthcare career.

Eduverse Professional Experts as Trainers


At Eduverse, You will learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in offering their Knowledge to Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts. OET’s Official Teacher Badge emphasizes our Training quality and credibility.


Eduverse OET Preparation Course makes you 4B possible


  1. Weekdays, Weekend and Fast track intense training
  2. One on One Meetings (On the web AND IN CLASS)
  3. Week by week Model Test (All 4 Components)
  4. Letter correction and review
  5. Speaking Mocks and feedback
  6. Grammar basics
  7. Preparation Materials
  8. Thorough lessons on Test pattern
  9. 10+ years Experienced Tutors
  10. International TESOL Qualified English Language Tutors
  11. Affordable course fee
  12. Assured results


How Eduverse’s training will support you?

  • Comprehensive approach to the Test and your language skills
    • Linguistic Approach
    • Test Taking Approach
  • Initial Language Diagnostic test to assess your existing Language level
  • Test- readiness training to enhance your test taking skills
  • Track Record of your progress through our training
  • Weekly Model Tests and assessments to reach the Target score
  • Constructive feedbacks and revisions by the TESOL certified Trainers till you take the PTE test
  • Official Test Preparation Material kit
  • Additional supplementary Study materials and worksheets
  • Language Exploration activities to strengthen your linguistic skills
  • Speaking Practice sessions
  • Writing Evaluation & Feedbacks

Eduverse’s student support features

  • We Support Your OET Test Preparation around 8 years now
  • Our reputed coaching center is one of the long lasting centers in the training field
  • Our Administrative team would suggest you best available test dates and available test locations that suits your convenience
  • Book your OET test hustle free with our Official OET Test registration/Cancellation service (TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLIED)

Why choose Eduverse?

  • Your search for the OET preparation center gets fulfilled at Eduverse
  • Our TESOL Certified Trainers would help you to bring out your best possible OET scores
  • Our course coordinators will help you work out the Course schedule that suits you best and find the right program that fits your goal.
  • We offer well-designed study programs at a reasonable fee.

Eduverse OET Conventional Course list


  1. OET Listening
  2. OET Reading
  3. OET Writing
  4. OET Speaking
  5. OET Listening & Reading
  6. OET Writing & Speaking
  7. OET Premium Course (4 Modules)
  8. OET Model Tests
  9. OET Letter Evaluations
  10. OET Speaking mocks




Eduverse OET Listening Quix Course list. Pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. Listening Part A
  2. Listening Part B
  3. Listening Part C
  4. Note Completion task
  5. Choose the best answer
  6. Native English accent listening skills
  7. Paraphrasing after listening
  8. Summarizing after listening
  9. Extracting information from the listening and the question paper
  10. Identifying the speakers in the listening audio


Eduverse OET Reading Quix Course list. Pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. Reading Part A
  2. Reading Part B
  3. Reading Part C
  4. Choose the Correct text
  5. Answer the question with Short Phrase answer with words or numbers (not a sentence)
  6. Complete the sentence with Short phrase with words or numbers
  7. Choose best answer with 3 options reading each short Extracts
  8. Choose best answer with 4 options reading the two Long Extracts
  9. Paraphrasing after reading
  10. Summarizing after reading
  11. Skimming and scanning the reading extracts
  12. Extracting information from the reading extract and the question paper


Eduverse OET Writing Quix Course list. Pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. Effectively Utilizing the reading time
  2. Selecting the relevant case notes
  3. Eliminating the irrelevant case notes
  4. Minding the word limit
  5. Types of Letters
  6. Cracking the writing task question
  7. Sentence framing using the notes
  8. Letter layout
  9. Letter Format
  10. Salutations in the Letter
  11. Using linking devices
  12. Tenses
  13. Using appropriate articles
  14. Structuring the letter
  15. Proof reading and editing your letter


Eduverse OET Speaking Quix Course list. Pick one at Rs 99/-


  1. How to introduce yourself professionally in the short warm up session
  2. Effectively utilizing the 3 minutes preparation time
  3. Cracking the Que card
  4. Taking short notes
  5. Planning the conversation flow and timing
  6. Focusing on the assessment criteria
  7. Linguistic speaking skills
  8. Clinical Communication skills
  9. How to start the role play
  10. How to lead the conversation on a polite mode
  11. How to respond to indifferent patient conversation
  12. How to wind up the role-play



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